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Straus Will Be Speaker of the Texas House

Burnt Orange Report continues their excellent Texas House Speaker Race coverage with the reasonably happy ending: Joe Straus will be Speaker of the Texas House with a 150 - 0 vote. Straus seems to be interested in preserving openness, transparency, and fairness that should come with a good Speaker. I hope that the leadership style we had under Pete Laney (and lost under Tom Craddick) will return.

Even though Craddick is a Texas Tech grad, I’m glad to see him gone from the Speaker’s post. He is largely responsible for the greatest 21st century political crime in Texas — the mid-decade Congressional redistricting orchestrated by Tom Delay. West Texas would have the ranking member of the House Ag Committee (Charlie Stenholm) if Perry and Craddick had not rammed the redistricting through the House that stuck Lubbock and Abilene in the same district. The disasterous privatization of the Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program happened under Craddick’s watch as well.

Like the departure of Bush from the national stage, the end of Craddick’s reign over the Texas house — in spite of every conservative pundit in Texas saying that it couldn’t happen — is worth celebrating.

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