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Weekend Links

For when you can’t seem to focus enough to make a proper post, there’s always links…

  • Abortion Doughnuts — Possibly the most provocative headline ever, but it’s really just a pro-life group overreacting to an innocent Krispy Kreme “free donut of choice” on Inauguration Day promo…
  • Miss Caroline — A Lil’ Abner style comic starring Caroline Kennedy when her father was in the White House. The sad truth is that family has never really been off-limits in politics.
  • Houston Mayor Bill White will run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Here’s his YouTube channel as well.
  • TPM’s Day in 100 Seconds videos are the perfect way to digest TV mass media and stay informed.

Ah, good old links!

And hey, have a bonus pic right here:

Happy 3-day weekend, everybody!

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