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From the folks that brought us the weekend…

This afternoon’s Labor Day picnic was a blast! Great food and great remarks from candidates, as expected.

FOX Lubbock covered the event in their evening news tonight.

Here are a few pictures of mine, mostly vanity.

Ian with the great Employee Free Choice Act sign that he made at our Lubbock DFA meeting last week. DFA members made and brought signs for Gilbert and White too.

Yours truly with House District 85 Representative Joe Heflin. I expect that his 2010 Republican challenger will be even less qualified than the previous one…

Me again with Houston Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Bill White. Incidentally, the Bill White campaign has hired many of the good Texas Obama campaign folks — should be a well-run campaign!

I didn’t get a picture with TX Governor candidate Hank Gilbert this time around, but I did shake his hand and wish him luck. Maybe next time!

Video from the Labor Day event will be up later this week.

In the meantime, here is more video of Randy Neugebauer’s Lubbock Town Hall on August 25 from my friend Daniel. It’s properly edited and annotated. The series begins here:

and each subsequent video is a set up as a video response.

Here’s too a good, short work week, courtesy of the Labor movement!

Labor Day Picnic

Got some free time this Labor Day?


Invites You and Your Family to Hotdogs and Drinks

When: Sept. 01, 2006 @ 4:00pm
Where: McKenzie Park (Party House)
What: Meet some Local Candidates
Who: Any Union Member, family & Friends

See you there!

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