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Stuff White People Like: The Author Speaks

I want to share this speech given by Christian Lander, the author of the wildly successful blog Stuff White People Like:

It’s a long video clip, but very funny and insightful.

One point that Christian made is that the success of the blog is partly due to the desire of many white people to disassociate themselves from the image of white people who voted for George Bush. Yes, his blog is satire, and yes, it’s pointing out what are basically negatives of the stereotype, but by fleshing out this stereotype it necessarily draws a contrast with the carefully constructed stereotype that the GOP has crafted and targeted with its messages since the 1960s.

Also, I am reflecting on Christian’s point about authenticity, genuineness, and passion being the tools that cut through all the BS on the internet to make a successful website.

Lame… DUCK!!!

This is what a lame duck President looks like, with extra ducking.

Republican Party dot JPG

Caption away!

Dancing and Robots

About all the energy I can spare for blogging goes to sharing this youtube mashup I made:

Where’s Joe the Plumber

…and getting the word out about the McCain ROBOT ATTACK:

Latest McCain Smear Ad

But seriously folks, the political right is sounding pretty desperate these days.

Head of Skate

Methinks some of you have discounted Matt Damon’s punditry too soon! :)

McCain in the Style of Frank Miller

John McCain in the style of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight.”


Michael Moore’s new movie will be available for free

Michael Moore’s new film “Slacker Uprising” will be available online for free on September 23rd. You have to sign up an email address before then.

Great idea, MM.

Sunday Funnies

Not a good week for McCain by any measure.

The Commander in Chief Test

I’ve been out of town for a week in Eugene, Oregon. Man, do I have some nice things to say about that place.

For now, have a funny/relevant youtube video!

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