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Wall-E is an important movie

Wall-E is Pixar’s latest animated feature, and it’s simply amazing. It’s probably their best film to date, and it’s definitely my favorite film of the summer so far.

This is an important movie, and one that those of us on the left should promote. The film has a beautiful, often subtle treatment of several important topics that are just plain hard to talk about in daily conversation:

  • living sustainably
  • out-of-control consumerism
  • out-of-control technology
  • ubiquitous, one-way media
  • the role of arts and humanities in society

And so forth.

Go see this movie. You’ll be entertained, pensive, and moved to act all at the same time.

Pam Brink for Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair

I gotta say: it’s a wonderful feeling to have a choice for the office of Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair. Hopefully the excitement over this race will bring new voters to our primary. I salute both of our candidates for their courage to offer themselves for the difficult and sometimes thankless challenge of being the County Chair.

This wonderful feeling is even better for me since someone I trust is in the race. I trust Pam Brink because she has been in the trenches with us doing the hard work of the Party, and she’s been working hard for years. Pam brought the people and the money together to secure our permanent headquarters building, which has been a great asset for party-building. She runs the Party’s Art Auction fundraiser each year, and it consistently brings in the big bucks, second only to our annual banquet. Pam has shown great leadership through the West Texas Coalition of Democrats, which is one of the most successful ways that rural Democrats from surrounding counties coordinate with us here in Lubbock.

Regarding her opponent Charles Dunn, I have one story to tell and one question to ask. In 2005 after the tragic death of County Chair Irma Guerrero, our Executive Committee held a meeting to elect a new County Chair to finish out her term. There were two candidates who came forward: Johnnie Jones and Charles Dunn. Johnnie won the election among the assembled Precinct Chairs. Immediately, the Executive Committee offered Charles the position of Vice Chair, which he turned down. Since then, we haven’t seen him until this election. Where have you been all this time, Charlie?

For me, the choice is clear. Let’s elect someone with a proven record of working hard on behalf of the Party. Let’s elect someone who shows true leadership without needing to be in charge.

Let’s elect Pam Brink as our next Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair.

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