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Texas Tech Law School Alumnus Wins State Rep Seat

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Democrat Dan Barrett won the runoff election for Texas House District 97, a mostly suburban district which covers southwest Fort Worth, Benbroook, and Edgecliff Village. This victory closes the gap to 5 seats for a Democratic majority in the Texas House.

The folks over at Lone Star Project say it best:

Dan Barrett won 52.2% of the vote yesterday in a special election runoff for Texas State Rep. District 97. District 97 was a Republican stronghold that gave George W. Bush 63.9% of the vote in 2004.

Anyone who met Dan Barrett and observed his campaign immediately recognized his talents as a candidate and was impressed by the discipline and efficiency of his campaign. No observer outside of Tarrant County, however, including the Lone Star Project, was willing to predict that Barrett could pull off a win in the special election. Dan Barrett’s smart campaign combined with outstanding support from organized labor, teachers and local activists resulted in an important victory for Texas Democrats and a sound rejection of the failed leadership of Texas Republicans Tom Craddick, Rick Perry and others.

It’s worth noting that…

…TX-97 was gerrymandered to be a Republican stronghold district, but Dan Barrett won anyway.

…Gov. Perry moved the runoff election date to a week before Christmas in an effort to help the Republican candidate, but Dan Barrett won anyway.

…the prevailing opinion around the state was that Dan Barrett would lose, but Dan Barrett won anyway.

Congratulations, Dan! Make us proud.

Election Day

It’s election day. You know what to do!

As a reminder, this election is NOT superprecincts — you will need to go to the polling place designated for your precinct. Call the Lubbock County Office of Elections at 806-775-1338 to get the information you need.

Get out and vote!

November 2007 Sample Ballots

Step on up, ladies and gentlemen, and get your November 2007 Sample Ballots!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Lubbock County Office of Elections for providing these!

Election 2007 Entity List

Depending on where you live in Lubbock County, your November 2007 ballot will contain one or more of the following:

  • Texas Constitutional Amendments (everyone in the county)
  • City of Abernathy
  • Abernathy ISD
  • Idalou ISD
  • New Deal ISD
  • Shallowater ISD
  • Village of Buffalo Springs

I am looking into acquiring sample ballots for each ballot style to post here.

Also, the Texas League of Women Voters 2007 Constitutional Amendment Election Voter Guide (pdf) is available. The LWV voter guides are the most useful, nonpartisan resources for any voter.

Election 2007: What is it?

When is Election Day?
November 6, 2007.

When is Early Voting in Lubbock County?
10/22 though 11/2

What’s on the Ballot?

Other entities, like school districts in the area, are possibly holding elections as well. There is still a little time left to set one up, as the final ballot has not yet been created. If I hear anything about those, I’ll make an additional post.

Second DeLeon Recall Petition Fails

KCBD 11 just broke the story that the second petition to recall Linda DeLeon has failed by 23 signatures.

I’ve heard that the news conference on Wednesday will detail each rejected signature along with the reason it was rejected.

Edit: Sue is right (in the comments) — the A-J is reporting that it failed by 16 signatures.

DeLeon Recall Petition, Part Three

Dig it. I have finished the data entry finally. I came up with 558 signatures, while the petitioners report 557, so I probably got someone’s scribble in there for the benefit of the doubt.

I’m beginning my analysis and will probably call in to the Chad Hasty Show to share some of my findings. For now, here’s what I got…

First, below are the dates of the petition drive, along with how many signatures were collected each day:

7/17/2007 — 5
7/18/2007 — 4
7/19/2007 — 16
7/20/2007 — 5
7/21/2007 — 8
7/22/2007 — 2
7/23/2007 — 10
7/24/2007 — 17
7/25/2007 — 30
7/26/2007 — 13
7/27/2007 — 27
7/28/2007 — 12
7/29/2007 — 12
7/30/2007 — 16
7/31/2007 — 22
8/1/2007 — 10
8/2/2007 — 14
8/3/2007 — 1
8/4/2007 — 16
8/5/2007 — 16
8/6/2007 — 21
8/7/2007 — 13
8/8/2007 — 26
8/9/2007 — 27
8/10/2007 — 29
8/11/2007 — 55
8/12/2007 — 118
8/13/2007 — 7

I’m not sure if the 9 signatures from 7/17 and 7/18 will count, since the petitions indicate that they were issued on 7/19. Of course, that may have to do with the disagreement over the Spanish translation on the petition. Anyway, as you can see, the organizers really waited to the last minute to get it all together. Not a good sign.

Furthermore, 107 signatures were turned in without certificate numbers to go with them. If those signatures cannot be matched by name+address to registered voters within the district, then the petition will fail. 558 - 107 = 451 = not enough signatures. I believe that 494 is the magic number of signatures needed. Again, not a good sign.

The petition represents signatures gathered from 366 distinct households, for an average of about 1.52 people per household. The average age of the signers is 49 years old, and the median age of the signers is 48 years old. The minimum age of the signers is 17 (that signature won’t count), and the maximum age is 93. 117 signers, or about 21%, are age 65 or older.

162 signers, or 29% of the signers, affirm that they voted for DeLeon in the 2006 election. 312 signers indicated that they did not vote for DeLeon in 2006, and 84 signatures did not indicate whether they voted for DeLeon in 2006.

Looks like the success of the petition will probably be close either way.

No Bond Election This Year

Everyone’s probably heard the big news of the day: the City Council will not offer a bond election to the voters this November. The current wisdom is to take a step back and prioritize carefully. I think that this is an overall good choice.

Kevin Glasheen was on Pratt’s radio show again today as a guest co-host. He also approved of the City Council’s unanimous decision. My guess is that Glasheen is continuing to play politics very visibly because he may be considering a run for Mayor next year.

In the current local atmosphere, I imagine there are several people considering a run for Mayor next year.

El Editor Weighs in on Bond Issue

El Editor ran a pretty scathing editorial against the $300 million bond proposal. It’s brief and worth a read.

There are basically two main reasons to why their editorial board is against the proposal:

  1. Most of the bond issue is for “overbuilding” entertainment that already doesn’t do well in Lubbock.
  2. The bond issue barely addresses infrastructure needs except for new streets in SW Lubbock.

As far as reason #2 goes, I agree. Central and NE Lubbock need attention more than SW Lubbock needs new streets. Yesterday’s bridge collapse in Minneapolis shows what can happen with “deferred maintenance.”

Reason #1 is a little bit more complex, and I have to admit I’m still thinking through the issue of how best to sustain arts and entertainment in Lubbock. Yes, we have a problem with attendance at some events, but, at the same time, don’t we want to be a city that can sustain large events? Yes, over $200 million for entertainment is a ridiculous amount, but are our current facilities the best that Lubbock can do for the Arts?

We need to maintain and promote the facilities we already have before we proceed with new ones. However: “If you build it, they will come.”

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