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Mr. Conservative meets a Liberal Lubbockian

Recently, the A-J, via LubbockOnline, began hosting a political blog called Mr. Conservative, written by Dr. Donald May. I was quite frustrated when this blog launched, because it was the only non-staff blog at LubbockOnline and Dr. May is a staunch Republican. (And his letters to the editor are some of my least favorite of all time.)

Well, it turns out that the LubbockOnline folks were planning a political blog to balance Mr. Conservative, and it launched today. Lubbock, meet Freda McVay, a Liberal Lubbockian**.

I’ve known Freda for a few years now, and she’s great. She speaks well, writes well, and has done a lot of good for our community. She also did her part as a candidate against Mr. Carl Isett a few years ago.

I can’t wait to read more blog posts from her, and I relish the chance to do a side-by-side comparison of her blog with Dr. May’s blog.

** Yes, I know we’re “Lubbockites” here. After reading the first post, you’ll realize, as I did, that the title is meant as a Molly Ivins tribute. RIP, Molly.

West Texas Progressive Blogger Spotlight: Fade

This week we turn to one of my favorite Lubbock bloggers: Fade, who maintains the House of the Rising Sons blog. He’s straightforward, passionate, and quite frankly fun to read. Here’s fade discussing his blog in his own words:

My blog is a little more emotional than most, and that’s just my nature. I never have minced words, and I don’t think I’m going to start now. I write exactly like I talk (sans the Texas drawl, although I throw a few ain’ts and ya’lls in there subconsciously at times).

Fade’s been doing this for a while, so there’s lots to go back and read. Here are some of his posts that are recent favorites of mine:

Blog Conversations that Make Conservatives Cringe

If we can all serve our country by talking to each other openly and honestly, the country gets stronger, not weaker. So keep the conversation going.

So what if it was the oil?

The Quick fix is killing America. Shortcuts and short term repairs do nothing but make the problem worsen in the long run.

Americans seem to be incapable of promoting any real solutions to ANY of our problems, whether it is foreign policy, the economy, national security, or lessening our nation’s reliance on crude oil.

Salute to the American Pro-War Crowd

So, plant your fatass in front of the teevee tonight and watch as much contrived 9-11 anniversary fever that you can, all the while suppressing the real reasons WHY our country was attacked.

And, as with good blogs everywhere, there’s always further good discussion in the comments.

What are you waiting for? Head on over and join the conversation!

West Texas Progressive Blogger Spotlight: Deanie Mills

From time to time, Lubbock Left will feature links to and summary of a West Texas progressive blogger. There are three main goals for this project: (1) to grow the progressive netroots community by getting to know each other, (2) to showcase the talent and diversity of our progressive stars, and (3) to illustrate that we are not alone in West Texas — there are more of us than the wingnuts would have us believe.

To that end, we begin with Deanie Mills, a very talented writer who lives out in the wide open spaces near Snyder. She has written ten suspense thrillers that have been published, and she has a new true crime novel out callled Faces of Evil: Kidnappers, Murderers, Rapists, and the Woman Who Helps Put Them Behind Bars, co-authored with Houston P.D. forensic sketch artist Lois Gibson.

Deanie is also a Marine Mom. She conveys great emotion and insight into the very real family situation she and many others like her must deal with because of the Bush Administration’s policies. It’s a perspective I appreciate, and it’s one that I believe deserves more attention from the old media.

Some of my favorite posts of hers include:

Trapped in the O’Reilly Cage

Not since my teenage days when I was being lectured for some boomer act of rebellion or other have I sat so cross-armed and clench-jawed in front of the TV. As if it weren’t punishment enough that I was being forced to watch O’Reilly, it turns out he had Michelle Malkin on as his guest.


For the most part, though, our family has been deeply blessed this homecoming. Our son has not had to deal with the more serious and crippling forms of post traumatic stress we’ve read and heard about. He has had some long-term health problems related to the war: back trouble from hauling around 90 lbs. of weight all day long for months on end; skin problems from the horrific heat; some hearing loss from driving over an IED.

These are common problems that, again, you don’t read much about in the news. They’re not Walter Reed-scale problems, but they are pervasive and common to the soldiers and Marines who have cycled through this war multiple times.

A Black Matter for the King

It’s not enough that they are exposed to intense combat conditions 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week, for months on end, but this is the first war in our history where they have not been permitted to rotate in and out of a rear area where some measure of rest and recreation was possible.

This is the first war I know of in our history where you don’t just serve your deployment. You serve it knowing you will have to go back, and the whole time you are “home” you are training for more combat for your next deployment, and then you have to go back.

And then you have to go back.

Please take a few minutes to check out her work.

Deanie’s blogs:

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