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For the Love of Money

I’m wrapping up a busy weekend from the fourth annual Lubbock Comic Book Expo, so just a quick post tonight. :)

My friend and musician extraordinaire Andy Eppler just released a new song about politicians who are in it for the money over all else. Go on and take four minutes of your life to watch him perform O Politicin Man — you won’t be disappointed.

I know there are politicians on the left and on the right, Democrats and Republicans, to which this song applies. We can all picture politicians who put their personal profit ahead of representing their constituents. I happen to believe that most of those Mammonites are in the GOP. Our own Congressman is a good example of this type.

Andy Eppler, by the way, is a Lubbock native who recently moved north. Show him some love on youtube so we can get him back for more shows in the Hub City.

The Wisconsin Turnaround

Much like the Scott Brown Senate election in Massachusetts signaled the rise of the the Republican wave culminating in the 2010 elections, the record-setting turnout for a Wisconsin Supreme Court race is the beginning of a Democratic wave that will lead to a 2012 victory for President Obama and the Democrats.

HuffPo has a map showing the county-by-county comparison of Gov. Walker vs incumbent conservative Judge Prosser. (This race is nonpartisan, but the Democrats backed Kloppenburg while the Republicans backed Prosser.) 19 Wisconsin counties that went for GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker in the 2010 elections now went for liberal judicial candidate Kloppenburg in this judicial election.

The Republicans won much of Wisconsin by razor-thin margins in 2010, but, as the GOP often does, they abused their election victory by ramming through their agenda as quickly as possible. The blowback from the excesses of Wisconsin GOP (and the fantastic popular protest in response) will result in the recall of 6-8 Republican state senators in Wisconsin and most likely the Governor as well. It’s not hard to read the tea leaves on the Wisconsin turnaround either — Obama will almost certainly carry the state in 2012.

With Texas public education and health services being slashed by the Republican majority in Austin, I wonder how long it will be until Texas joins the turnaround?

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