Grand Old Perverts

Nothing too deep for today’s blog post — just a friendly reminder that the GOP is the party of moralizing hypocrites.

I stumbled across a handy list of sex scandals of Republicans and their allies. Of course, the article is from 2007 and does not include such stars as Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, David Vitter, and John Ensign. Even after striking some of those from the list that lack complete evidence, and even considering embarrassing Democratic sex scandals (e.g. Spitzer, Edwards, Clinton), I contend that the list of Democratic Party sex scandals from the last 20 years or so can’t even keep up.

I also learned that we spent more of our public money paying for the witch hunt against Bill Clinton (and Newt was guilty of the same adultery!) than we did investigating 9/11. Shameful.

Sex scandals from the Grand Old Party, the Party that tries to claim so crassly the mantle of morality, are that much worse for the hypocrisy involved.

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