Campaigning: Who and Why

Much ado has been made about the fact that President Obama and Bill White did not meet yesterday, despite being a mere 300 miles apart.

I have a few questions.

1) Who is George W Bush campaigning for this election season? He and Darth Cheney both have been AWOL from American politics as far as I can tell. In contrast, President Bill Clinton is already hitting the campaign trail for fellow Democrats.

2) Which Republicans are campaigning on a platform other than returning to the dead-end policies of the Bush Administration? All you hear from Republicans is how they don’t like Obama. What you’re not hearing is what they were for when they were in power: free money for the ultra-rich, lax regulation, endless wars, and so forth.

3) Have we forgotten Election 2008? The fundraiser headlined by President Obama yesterday should provide a lesson to our friends on the right: be careful what you wish for. Obama in full-on campaign mode is a force you cannot beat, remember?

For those of us on the left, don’t worry: the political right will attack Obama no matter what. They would attack him if he campaigned with Bill White, they (obviously) will attack him if he doesn’t campaign with Bill White. They will attack him for turning the economy around. They will attack him for achieving peace. They will attack him for succeeding where they failed.

Bill White needs to get his message to Texas voters, including those who have been bombarded by 3 years of the most extreme anti-Obama rhetoric. It’s unfortunate that they won’t campaign side-by-side, but that’s politics.

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