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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I will be internet-free for a few days, and hopefully I can knock out a good book or two to share with y’all.


Two Wind Energy Helpers

The next time someone tries to tell you that wind energy is a non-starter because “the wind will not always blow” (and I’m looking at Lubbock’s own Mr. Conservative here), share these two promising technologies:

* compressed-air energy storage (scroll down to #10) — part of the ambitious Pickens Plan for using wind and solar energy effectively is storing extra energy as compressed air in underground caverns. The energy can be released later for peak demand periods.

* Put a curve in front of a wind turbine — the same principle lets us fly around on airplanes will also increase the speed of wind going into a wind turbine, thus increasing the energy output of the turbine

Of course, the real power of wind and solar will come on the demand side of the equation. Low profile solar panels and wind turbines can reduce energy pulled from the grid at homes and businesses.

Obama Video Address 11/22/2008

It’s all about job creation between Jan 20, 2009 and Jan 2011: 2.5 million new jobs in 2 years focusing on infrastructure, green energy, and public education. I love it!

Republican Party dot JPG

Caption away!

Inaugural Ball: Early Warning

I know it’s two months away, but clear your calendars now!

The Juneteenth Committee is sponsoring a swanky awesome ball on Tuesday, January 20th: the evening of Barack Obama’s Inauguration. It will be held at the Civic Center Ballroom. The event will feature cocktails from 6-7, and dinner+dancing from 7-11. Four local bands will perform, including the TTU String Quartet, Element, and the jazz band that plays Thursday nights at Jazz (the restaurant).

Tickets are $25 or $40 for couples. All are welcome to attend.

I’ll get contact info for purchasing tickets up as soon as I know it.

For now, save the date, and I’ll see you there!

Left in Lubbock Forum

Well, I scratched an itch that will hopefully help fellow West Texas progressives who are looking for a place to hang out online: I have created the Left in Lubbock Forum. You can find a permanent link to it at the top of this blog next to the “Home” link.

I hope that adding this forum to the Lubbock Left blog will start some interesting discussions and spark some new planning and organization for West Texas progressives.

See you there!

Obama’s First YouTube Address

In case you haven’t seen it by now, Obama’s first video address is up.

Between these weekly video addresses and the transition team website, the Obama administration looks like it will set a new standard for openness in the White House.

What a breath of fresh air this will be!

Pictures Galore!

I’m overdue in posting a heap of wonderful pictures. Thanks to my buddy Kirk for taking these wonderful photos while staying involved!

First, on Friday a panel from the Texas Democratic Party held a public hearing about the Texas primary/caucus system here in Lubbock. I regret being unable to attend this public hearing, because I think preserving our hybrid primary/caucus system is an important fight in our Party. Having both methods in play allows for the popular voice to be heard while recruiting a new generation of activists into the Party — and yes, I think this mean that we must continue to allocate some national delegates purely from the caucus process as well. There are obviously opportunities for improving our system, but the fundamental idea of it is solid.

Next, how about a ton of Election Night Victory Party photos?

Kirk has a whole public gallery of 100 or so election night images online. This gallery may be my #2 favorite way to cheer myself up on a bad day, right after the adorable puppy webcam.

Also, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal has a Spotted Gallery of Election Night photos available as well. I think you can tell which pics are from the Republican party and which are from the Democratic party.

One thing’s for sure: we will have plenty of happy memories to look back on as we build our Party for the 2010 election and beyond!

New Poll: Obama Signs Post-Election

I turned on the polls again on the sidebar to the right.

Our new poll is all about post-election signage. How long do you plan to leave your Obama yard sign out?

Inquiring minds want you to answer this poll!

Lubbock Business Flys Upside-Down American Flag

Local ABC affiliate KAMC-28 covers the story of a local business flying an American flag upside down. A poster at the LubbockOnline forums claims to have seen a second business on 82nd st flying an upside-down American flag as well.

These businesses have every right to fly a flag upside down if they wish. However, I think it’s an overreaction to do so when your candidate of choice loses.

Also, I have to speculate: what would happen if the situation were flipped? What if McCain won and a pro-Obama business flew an upside-down American flag? I doubt we would be discussing it calmly.

The theme of the political right these days seems to be overreaction and hyperbole. In the past two days I’ve heard everything from “we are doomed to socialism” to “Obama is the antichrist.”

I sincerely hope that reality will break through the layers of propaganda encasing people who say things like that.

As for me and my business, I think I will leave my Obama sign up for a little while longer.

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