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Dancing and Robots

About all the energy I can spare for blogging goes to sharing this youtube mashup I made:

Where’s Joe the Plumber

…and getting the word out about the McCain ROBOT ATTACK:

EV Totals, Four Horsemen Endorsements

As with many of you, this election has sent my regular routine out the window.

So, let me offer two brief bits:

1) As of this morning at about 9:00am, Lubbock County has voted over 50,000 voters in-person for early voting. This means we may bust the 60,000 mark by the end of early voting!

2) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse give their endorsements to McCain/Palin.

Daily Election Totals

The Lubbock County Elections Office has done something really cool this election — they are offering unofficial early voting totals, broken down by location and by precinct, to the public. Totals from each day of early voting will be available the following day on the website.

As usual, SW Lubbock is where most of the voting is happening. The numbers at North and East Lubbock locations and precincts are higher than usual, but still low by comparison.

We are already looking at 20,000+ voters after only 3 days of early voting. Any way you look at that, it’s an amazing turnout.

Off to the Races!

Wow, after a mere one hour of the polls being open, over one thousand people have cast their ballot at one of a dozen early voting locations here in Lubbock.

We are indeed headed for a record turnout in this election!

Pre-EV Numbers

According to the Lubbock County Office of Elections, Lubbock County has approximately 164,000 registered voters for the November election.

Approximately 6,400 absentee ballots have been mailed so far. This means that roughly 4% of Lubbock County registered voters are voting absentee. This rate seems higher than normal, but I’m not sure.

I imagine that we are going to see record turnout in early voting and election day.

LWV Candidate Meet-and-Greet

It’s that time again!

League of Women Voters: Meet the Candidates

Thursday, October 16
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Garden Room
St. John United Methodist Church
1501 University

Come on out to support our Democratic candidates and engage them directly.

Latest McCain Smear Ad

But seriously folks, the political right is sounding pretty desperate these days.

Debates Ahoy!

Two upcoming candidate debates, starting tonight:

Democrat Dwight Fullingim and Libertarian “Chip” Peterson (and an empty podium for Randy Neugebauer) will debate tonight:

District 19 Congressional Debate

October 13, 2008
7:00 pm
Allen Theater
Texas Tech University


Commissioners’ Open Forum

Republican, Democrat and Libertarian Candidates, County Precincts #1 and #3

Tuesday, October 14
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
YWCA Legacy Building
14th & Avenue O

Sponsor: SPARTAN
Moderator: Mikel Ward

And, of course, one more rockin’ Democratic Presidential Debate Watch Party:


7:00 pm (debate starts at 8:00)
Wednesday, October 15

Murphy’s Irish Pub
3502 Slide Road

See y’all there!

Daily Phone Bank Workshops

Are you looking for an easy way to help Lubbock Democrats win in November?

This year, Lubbock County Democrats are undertaking an epic phone banking effort.

To that end, the Party is holding daily phone bank workshops at noon at Party HQ, 2809A 74th St (behind Furr’s and the Science Spectrum). The 30-minute trainings are led by the indefatigable Sue W, who knows what the hell she is doing when it comes to organizing and GOTV.

Free phone bank training every day.

Thousands of opportunities to contact Lubbock Democrats and turn them out to vote.

No excuses!

Who attends McCain/Palin rallies?

Be warned — the following videos are not easy to watch.

Outside a Palin rally in Strongsville, Ohio, one guy with a camera asks attendees “Is Barack Obama a terrorist?”

And insults are the order of the day outside a McCain/Palin rally in Bethlehem, PA:

These videos are scary.

If this is what the Republican base is like across the nation, then I worry even more for this country. How can they be so hateful?

How have we gotten to a point in our political discourse where people who are engaged in the political process actually believe that a major Party presidential candidate could be a terrorist?

“He’s got the bloodlines.”

“Just look at his name!”

How have we gotten to a point in our political discourse where one candidate’s supporters shout epithets at another candidate’s supporters like it’s 1950?

“Commie faggots!”

“Get a job!”

“Go to Russia!”

The Republican Party has a serious problem: they have let hatred and intolerance into their national platform and into their national leadership.

I urge Republicans of conscience to oppose this kind of behavior in their own Party. I know there are reasonable Republicans out there, and this election is making it clear that they need to reassert themselves before it’s too late.

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