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A Party So Nice We Did It Twice

After the success of last Friday’s Presidential Debate watch party (we packed the pub!), we Lubbock Democrats have decided to do it again!

Come join Lubbock Democrats for a VP Debate watch party this Thursday:

VP Debate Watch Party
7:00 p.m., Thursday, October 2
Murphy’s Irish Pub
3502 Slide Road, Lubbock, TX
Debate starts at 8:00 central
Sponsor: Lubbock County Democratic Party

Since it’s an Irish pub, mooseburgers may not be available…

(But the fried pickles are delicious. Seriously.)

See you there!

Head of Skate

Methinks some of you have discounted Matt Damon’s punditry too soon! :)

Debate Watch Party: “McCain or Shine”

Friday’s debate watch party, sponsored by the Texas Tech Democrats and the Dwight Fullingim for Congress campaign, is still on.

6:30pm - 9:30pm
Murphy’s Pub
35th & Slide Rd.

The party’s on, come McCain or shine.

Frank Gutierrez and His Illegal Signs

The race for Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 3 is heating up. Perennial Republican candidate Frank Gutierrez is running against Democrat Gilbert Flores for the seat. Neither candidate is the incumbent; the office is currently held by Democrat Ysidro Gutierrez.

However, there’s a problem:

Frank Gutierrez’s signs, seen above, are illegal and misleading.

The signs are illegal because the word “For” does not appear between the name of the candidate and the office sought. This is necessary since Frank Gutierrez is not the incumbent.

The signs are deliberately misleading because Frank Gutierrez is a Republican, not a Democrat. Nowhere on the sign does it say that he is a Republican, and the sign has the word “Democrats” in big letters. Precinct 3 is a heavily Democratic precinct, and Frank Gutierrez is likely trying to pass himself off as a Democrat.

Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair Pam Brink held a press conference two weeks ago to address this issue, and she indicated that Gutierrez had a week to remove the signs before the Party filed an official complaint with the TEC. Two weeks later, the signs are still up.

I hope the Party has filed the appropriate complaint.

Lubbock Democrats at the Fair!

The 2008 South Plains Fair is in full swing, and — thanks to Texas Democratic Women of the South Plains — the Lubbock County Democrats have a booth! So far, the energy at the booth is great, and the response from fair-goers has been very positive.

Grace, a volunteer working at the booth, was kind enough to pose for the above photo.

The Democratic Party booth features free campaign literature for County Commissioner races all the way up to House and Senate and our next President Obama. Campaign buttons, stickers, and T-Shirts are available for reasonable donations. Deputy voter registrars can register you to vote on the spot.

We also have free balloons for the kids!

Stop on by the booth and get your picture taken next to a life-size cutout of Obama!

McCain in the Style of Frank Miller

John McCain in the style of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight.”


Organizing to Prosecute Bush War Crimes

Raw Story has a great article about a recent planning conference for how to prosecute members of the Bush Administration for war crimes. Conference organizer Lawrence Velvel explains:

The ‘Bush war crimes conference,’ according to its organizers, is a “throwback to the framers of the constitution,” which aims to establish “necessary organizational structures” to pursue those guilty of war crimes “to the ends of the Earth.”

“The framers didn’t trust the federal government either,” said Velvel. “And oddly enough, over the years and decades, a strong distrust of government was once a Republican position. It was, at least, in theory. And then Bush came along and there’s this, well, my country, love it or leave it in the GOP … But now, you have people on the other side of the spectrum taking that very position.

“This is a conservative idea, to hold conferences and then take action to take power. Liberalism has been made fun of as mere self expression. I was very impressed by the desire in this group to take action.”

Of course, Vincent Bugliosi was there. His latest book is excellent.

Even our leaders need to understand that if they lie to the American people and violate basic standards human rights then they will be held accountable in our system of justice.

Racism is not “political satire.”

The AP reports that a conservative group at the so-called Values Voter Summit (though how Tom DeLay fits into “values” makes me scratch my head) has stopped selling their “Obama Waffles” due to complaints of offensive material on the boxes.

The aforementioned waffle boxes show a bug-eyed, big-lipped, buck-toothed cartoon Obama with middle eastern headdress.

Not cool.

Kudos to my pal Rex for forwarding this news.

Uncle Sam And 9/11

Thanks to Archangelwolf from the Lubbock Online forums for sharing this video.

Lubbock’s having some ridiculous flooding right now. Stay dry, everybody!

A Post Not About Sarah Palin

I was all set to combine my Sarah Palin posts from the LubbockOnline Forums into one giant Palin mega-post, but I’ve decided to pass.

It’s not like the information about her is hard to find (now, anyway). Everything from bridge-to-nowhere to troopergate to irresponsible mayoral spending to AIP associations to Jesus-Camp-esque church membership is out there.

It’s time to return to the issues, which Democrats overwhelmingly will win on this year.

After all, what’s the difference between a red herring and a poorly chosen vice presidential candidate?


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