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Mission Creep

Thought I’d share this really neat interactive map from Mother Jones. It’s shows U.S. Military presence around the world from the 50s through the present day. It’s worth the time to zoom in on individual countries on the 2007 map and read a bit about why our troops are there and what the major issues in the country are.

So, who else thought that Michelle Obama’s speech tonight was amazing?

Convention Watch Party on Thursday

Hot off the presses from our County Chair Pam Brink:

AUGUST 28, 2008
7:30 P.M. (Speech at 9:00 P.M.)
beverages and munchies provided

You can register for the event at as well.

Don’t forget that Dwight Fullingim’s campaign headquarters is opening today! 1302 Ave Q, 4pm-7pm.

Dwight Fullingim to Open Lubbock Headquarters

Dwight Fullingim, Democratic candidate for Congress (TX-19), is opening his Lubbock Campaign Headquarters one week from today.

1302 Avenue Q
Friday, August 22
4:00 - 7:00 pm

Bring your friends to come celebrate and show support for our great candidate Dwight Fullingim!

McCain vs The Public

Here’s another video that puts the candidate for a 3rd Bush Term into perspective:

Off to the Races

Looks like the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce will lead the charge on a packaged alcohol sales petition.

I have to admit that I’m a little surprised. I never thought the Chamber would step up to the plate (belly up to the bar?) like that.

I’ve only got one metaphor left, so I’ll close by saying that I hope the CoC realizes that this is very likely a multi-petition process, one that will need to be approached with the beer goggles off.

Obama Campaign Opens Amarillo Office

The Amarillo office for the Obama Campaign has its grand opening from 10-4pm at 6141 Amarillo Blvd W.

The hours of operation for the Amarillo Office are:

Monday through Friday 11am-3pm

Saturday 10pm-4pm

Great work, Amarillo Obamaniacs!

Now, let’s get that Lubbock office re-opened…

The Gone Gazebo: Google’s Got It

View Larger Map

Thanks to the miracle of Google Streetview, you can see the hastily demolished gazebo in its undemolished state through the application above.

Through inquiries, I have learned that the Gazebo was not structurally sound, and that safety was the reason it was demolished. (Apparently when the 1-800-Junkmax guys backed the dozer into the wood beams, they splintered instantly.) Chalk another piece of Lubbock’s public property gone to poor maintenance, I guess.

I hope the City will consider something similar to replace the gazebo — some nice benches and a water fountain, maybe.

The Republican Party: Ignorant and Proud of It

More bad news for the McCain campaign, as Obama hits back on criticism of his “tires and tune-ups” remark, which is accurate and in the spirit of actually solving our energy crisis (rather than further enriching the oil companies that are responsible for it):

And, of course, it’s rough to be put in your place by Paris Hilton:

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

So… I wonder who the backroom smokers at the GOP will replace McCain with at their national convention?

Rick Noriega on KFYO

If you can’t make today’s Rick Noriega appearance, Chad Hasty will conduct a phone interview with Rick Noriega on Thursday morning:

U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate Rick Noriega will join Lubbock’s First News with Chad Hasty Thursday morning via telephone at 7:35 until 8am. We will discuss Noriega’s immigration plan that he will be speaking about in Lubbock on Wednesday. We will also discuss energy, war, and other issues facing Texans and Americans.

Rock on, Chad.

Rick Noriega in Lubbock TOMORROW

Just got word that U.S. Senate Candidate Rick Noriega will be stumping in Lubbock tomorrow afternoon. This will be Rick’s third Lubbock visit. It’s unprecedented for Lubbock to get so much attention from a statewide candidate. I love it!

Rick Noriega will be speaking tomorrow — Wednesday August 6 — at the Union Hall at 405 E. 50th St. at 3:00pm.

If you haven’t heard Rick speak yet, you’re missing out. He’s authentic and energetic. See him speak tomorrow and you’ll see that he’s got what it takes to send John Cornyn packing!

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