Pam Brink for Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair

I gotta say: it’s a wonderful feeling to have a choice for the office of Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair. Hopefully the excitement over this race will bring new voters to our primary. I salute both of our candidates for their courage to offer themselves for the difficult and sometimes thankless challenge of being the County Chair.

This wonderful feeling is even better for me since someone I trust is in the race. I trust Pam Brink because she has been in the trenches with us doing the hard work of the Party, and she’s been working hard for years. Pam brought the people and the money together to secure our permanent headquarters building, which has been a great asset for party-building. She runs the Party’s Art Auction fundraiser each year, and it consistently brings in the big bucks, second only to our annual banquet. Pam has shown great leadership through the West Texas Coalition of Democrats, which is one of the most successful ways that rural Democrats from surrounding counties coordinate with us here in Lubbock.

Regarding her opponent Charles Dunn, I have one story to tell and one question to ask. In 2005 after the tragic death of County Chair Irma Guerrero, our Executive Committee held a meeting to elect a new County Chair to finish out her term. There were two candidates who came forward: Johnnie Jones and Charles Dunn. Johnnie won the election among the assembled Precinct Chairs. Immediately, the Executive Committee offered Charles the position of Vice Chair, which he turned down. Since then, we haven’t seen him until this election. Where have you been all this time, Charlie?

For me, the choice is clear. Let’s elect someone with a proven record of working hard on behalf of the Party. Let’s elect someone who shows true leadership without needing to be in charge.

Let’s elect Pam Brink as our next Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair.

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12 Responses to “Pam Brink for Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair”

  1. Jim Says:

    Howdy -

    I’m a resident of Slaton interested in organizing in our precinct. The problem is I’m out of town a lot. Does the Obama campaign have a physical office in Lubbock yet? If so, what the address? Thanks.

  2. Tex Slim Says:

    Charlie Dunn changed from republican to democrat in the 80’s I think(not sure). Pam Brink is married to the fella that is at Texas Tech that Hance scapegoated in the accredation disaster(I believe). Local democrats have lined up behind women like Linda Shoemaker,Irma Guererro and Sue Barrick and those were NOT leaders they were clique builders. I was denied Precinct Chair appointment by all three every time I tried to change parties when rightwing became unbearable at repub headquarters. Now democrats and their ladies clique have few candidates(libertarians have more)and Brink is part of that Texas Tech clique that has “big government” written on them. I hired Charlie as a lawyer in the 80’s and he’s very educated and excellent attorney and probably knows political science(it is a science) and Brink may be just another member of that ladies clique that could be “clueless” on how to recruit candidates and rebuild a “down&out” Lubbock Democratic Party.Currently democrats only have 4 elected officials in this county and the ladies clique seems happy with that. Happy To Be Obscure!

  3. Lubbock Left Says:

    Jim, the contact for the Obama campaign in Lubbock is Annie Reed — areed AT texobama DOT com. Or, you can call her at 301.728.2609. As of yet, the Obama campaign has not secured a permanent office in Lubbock. The best way to help the campaign is to do phonebanking from home — we can reach the most people that way. Sign up on and join the “Lubbock supports Barack” group to learn more.

    Tex, I think you’re way off base about this whole “ladies club” thing. In fact, I don’t recall ever reading anything of yours about a woman leader you like. Honestly, it sounds like you have a problem with strong women.

  4. bmart Says:

    The Lubbock Central Labor voted in a regular meeting to endorse Pam. The reasons were as you stated. She works hard and attends all the functions and meeting,
    Hillary in ‘08

  5. Dem Gurl Says:

    Removed at the request of Dem Gurl.

  6. Dem Gurl Says:

    Removed at the request of Dem Gurl.

  7. leo Says:


  8. Democrat Says:

    You say in 2005 Johnnie won the election. Do you know who attended this meeting/election? No you do not. I can tell you what happened from a person who was there. People were invited to attend the Election to vote against Mr. Dunn.. Since that night in 2005 I have never seen many of the voters ever again. Why was this done?

    Also another writer writes about Dunn being a Democrat in the 80’s. If Dunn was a Democrat in the 80’s (25 years ago) and he finally wised up would this not be a good thing? Will we not accept someone who has converted from R to D?????

    The Lubbock Democratic Party has to stop being so paronoid to embrace the flipping R’s. We are going to need them if we want to win county wide races.

    We have to educate the upcoming generations about the Democratic Party. We can’t be afraid to embrace people who are differnt than us. We can’t be afraid to have school supply drives and then so abrutly shut em down and cave into the will of the R’s. Hmm, why did this happen ????

    Also, we should treat Senior Citizens who enter our Democratic Headquarters with respect. I know for a fact a Senior Citizen age 87 walked into Democratic Headquarters and having breathing pains asked ________ a leader of the Democratic Party to use the phone to call his wife and let her know he was feeling ill and was denied access to a phone. This is not accecptable. This is not American. This is not human. When this Senior informed me of this situation I just about cried. If you are going to treat a Senior like this I can only imagine how you really feel about the general Democratic population. That is if you even have feelings.

    The proof is in the pudding.

  9. Lubbock Left Says:

    Actually, I was at the 2005 meeting of the CEC and I voted for Johnnie at that time for pretty much the same reasons that I am voting for Pam this time. Dunn showed up out of nowhere and returned to nowhere when he didn’t win. I will add that I have noticed some good letters to the editor from Charlie since that time, and I hear that he has helped out some individuals in need. These are both admirable, but I am not aware of any party-building that he has done since 2005.

    I agree that Democrats need to be welcoming to Republicans who make the decision to switch parties.

    I think I know the senior you are talking about, and I do respect him. If it is who I think it is, then I believe there are extra circumstances regarding his use of the headquarters building that are missing from your story and explain why he was denied access to a phone.

  10. Democrat Says:

    Prior to seeking the County Democratic Chair vacated by the untimely death of Irma Guerrero, Mr. Dunn served as a Precinct Chair. At the 2005 meeting, Mr. Dunn was asked by Dr. Neale Pearson, political science professor at TTU to run for the vacated position. Personally, I was relieved to know that we had a choice for this office. This is what the Democratic process is all about. This was the first time I met Mr. Dunn, and right after the meeting I confronted him and asked him if he was serious in running our party, and his answer was YES. I can recall people at the meeting saying he was a good man and someone the party could depend on. Most people don’t know that when funds were low, Mr. Dunn kept the lights on at the party headquarters on 50th Street, but he has never boasted about his good deeds.

    I voted for Mr. Dunn then and today I’ll vote for him again. I thought back then we needed a strong voice to represent us and today I feel the same. When I decided to vote for him I looked at the man’s credentials and skills. I think Mr. Dunn would represent the Lubbock Democratic Party well. He is articulate and appears to be well informed on many issues.

    I think we have two great candidates running for this position. Pam has wonderful people skills. Yes, I trust her too, but I think with her fundraising ability along with Mr. Dunn’s passion and his new plan we can GET THE JOB DONE!

  11. Lubbock Left Says:

    Whoever wins, I plan to continue to work hard for the Democratic Party here in Lubbock.

  12. Nelia Wittmann Says:

    Good Morning i read your blog often and thought i would say all the best for 2010!

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