How to Contact the Lubbock Barack Obama Campaign

Barack Obama Campaign
Contact: Annie Reed
Phone: 806-744-5700
Email: areed AT texobama DOT com

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3 Responses to “How to Contact the Lubbock Barack Obama Campaign”

  1. Tex Slim Says:

    After the primary season is over,What becomes of all the (R’s)that were campaigning in Lubbock for Obama? They’ll vote (R) and the local dems will look at voting stats and wonder why it is still 70%(R) and 30%(D).It will then be time to admit that the Obama fad was a bunch of (R)’s crossing over to vote in (D) primary. I will be the one saying “I Told You So”.

  2. Lubbock Left Says:

    Several former R’s are among the best grassroots organizers for Obama in Lubbock. I really can’t see them voting that straight-ticket R any more.

  3. Slim Tex Says:

    Hey Tex Slim, why don’t you get a life and maybe contribute something to society besides your non intelligent opinion. No one cares what you think since no one leaves comments on your stupid blog. You are of no use to society and if you didn’t have a computer you would not even be a spec of dirt on the West Texas Plains.

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